Daniel V. O’Leary Jr.

Of Counsel


J.D., Yale Law School – 1966
B.A., Georgetown University – 1963


Mr. O’Leary is Of Counsel to Mandell Menkes. With almost 50 years of legal experience, Mr. O’Leary concentrates his practice in the formation of, and national claims management for, captive insurance companies, risk retention groups, and risk purchasing groups. He has formed captive insurance companies for greyhound race tracks, thoroughbred tracks and harness tracks; as well as for an association of retail lumber yards and mills, a nation-wide group of pest control operators, members of the trucking industry, and members of the Grocery Manufacturers of America.


He has also formed and represented an agency-owned captive, as well as a captive insuring a national chain of nursing homes. He has also formed a risk retention group (for mental health hospitals) and numerous purchasing groups. He has represented one of the nation’s largest retailers on several major insurance projects involving its then-owned insurance company, as well as consulting for several insurance companies and insurance brokerage firms. He recently acted as the Liquidator of a Bermuda captive insurance company.


Mr. O’Leary served as an officer of several captive insurance companies, and as an officer and director of many insurance purchasing groups, and he has authored several articles in the Risk Retention Reporter.


Mr. O’Leary was asked by Aon’s Affinity Insurance Services, Inc. to assume responsibility for handling all of Aon’s Purchasing Groups, including acting as Attorney-in-Fact for all of the following groups:


  • Showstoppers Purchasing Group
  • Aon Aging Services Purchasing Group
  • Agents Professional Liability Service Organization
  • Healthcare Providers Service Organization Purchasing Group
  • National Society of Dental Practitioners, Inc.
  • Attorneys’ Advantage Risk Purchasing Group
  • Non-Profit Service Organization
  • New York LIfe Agents Purchasing Group



Mr. O’Leary currently acts in the capacities shown for the following Purchasing Groups:


President – Adults & Children’s Risk Purchasing Group, Inc.
President – Allied Healthcare Providers Association RPG

President – AliveRisk Purchasing Group, Inc.

President – Beauty Health & Trade Alliance
President – BSA Local Council Purchasing Group Association, Inc.

President – Choice Health Insurance Purchasing Group

President – Interweb Purchasing Group 
President – ERS Risk Purchasing Group Association, Inc

President – GGP Tenants Purchasing Group
President – Habitat for Humanity Purchasing Group, Inc
President – IPHFHA Risk Purchasing Group
Counsel – National Newspaper Association

President – National Professional Purchasing Group Association, Inc.
President – Northern Insurance Real Estate Professionals R.P.G., Inc.
President – Outdoor & Recreational Insurance Program

President – Professional Auditors, Consultants & Engineers Risk Purchasing Group

President – Professionals Premier Risk Purchasing Group Association

President – Professionals RPG Association

Vice President – Real Estate Services Purchasing Association

President – Renters Legal Liability RPG, Inc.

President – Unemployment Alternatives Purchasing Group

President – SAP Purchasing Group, Inc.

President – Sigma Purchasing Group Association

President – Specified Clubs of the America Radio Relay League Purchasing Group

President – SZ Fly Safe Risk Purchasing Group
President – T.V. and Radio Purchasing Group, Inc.
President – Veterinary and Animal Services Purchasing Group

President – Wellness and Beauty Association RPG


Mr. O’Leary is Secretary of the Little Peconic Yacht Club, Inc. Mr. O’Leary served as a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Naval Reserve (retired). He is admitted to practice in Illinois and in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.