Particles Mandell Menkes LLC We are a boutique law firm dedicated to providing our clients the highest quality of legal services. The firm represents sophisticated clients ranging from some of the country’s largest companies to internet startups. Our knowledge and experience, together with our commitment to personal attention, produce the results that have been the hallmark of our success.

Adaptive One Size Does Not Fit All Adaptive Lawyers in the early stages of their careers often gain familiarity with the litigation process by reviewing documents and handling organizational tasks. While we staff cases with some less experienced lawyers to accrue savings for clients, we rely heavily on new technologies to accomplish the more basic work. This shift means clients are billed for the subject matter expertise of our attorneys, not their professional development. Receptive We appreciate that clients often seek legal advice for purposes of making decisions to resolve urgent challenges. Our efforts to devise strategies in time-pressured situations are often bolstered by the firm having collaborative, long-term relationships with our clients well before disputes arise. While most of our practitioners have experience in litigation, our team is capable of providing assistance to clients through the life of their work. Receptive Focused on Understanding Your Objectives Focused Focused Trust Us to Mitigate Your Risks The speed with which information can now be shared brings challenges unique to modern life. Disputes that might not have become publicly known in the pre-digital era may now become widely disseminated; taking on exaggerated weight and distracting clients from their work. Attorneys at Mandell Menkes help clients remain focused on their creative work while we manage the complications that surround digital media and commerce. Transparent Transparent Our Clients Know Where They Stand Professionals responding to the COVID-19 crisis have become more nimble with remote means of communicating and sharing work. Our practitioners became early (pre-COVID) adopters of these technologies after recognizing the benefits the firm could offer clients both in productivity and reduced administrative expense. We continue to expand solutions that allow clients “real time” access to our work product and filings in their matters.

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