Treatment of pyrogen granuloma

On the human body during his life, various neoplasms may appear, which should be known about, as many of them are malignant tumors. For example, infectious granuloma or biotreomyomic is a benign tumor, which most often appears on the fingers, face, hands, in the footsteps and other parts of the body. This is a fast-growing tumor, which consists of granular tissue having many capillaries. Sometimes such a neoplary may appear on genitalia and in the language. Despite the fact that the tumor does not bear any harm to the body, it needs to be removed, since any benign tumor in time under certain conditions can grow into a cancer.

Symptoms of biotreomyomic

In appearance, the neoplasm has a round shape and a coarse-grained or smooth surface. The tumor is on a peculiar leg, which during treatment you need to completely remove along with the root. In the diameter, the pyrogen granuloma is from 1.5 to 3 cm. At the very beginning of development, the tumor is growing, after which it may decrease again. Such neoplasses are most often formed on injured skin as a result of staphylococcal infection. They can bleed and hide. To date, the treatment of botriomicomic is carried out in medical centers, hospitals and clinics and is represented by several methods. Treatment of neoplasm is in operational intervention and presented by such methods:

- laser therapy;

- cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen;

- radio wave surgery;

- surgical excision;

- electrocoagulation.

As a rule, after treatment, the tumor completely disappears and does not appear again. Recurities are possible, which are the result of incomplete removal of biotreomy. So that everything went smoothly, you need to choose a qualified surgeon, which should have experience in removing neoplasms. Such a disease may arise against the background of a hormonal violation.

Diagnosis of biotreomyomic

Before proceeding with the treatment of any disease, diagnose should be diagnosed, as a result of which you can diagnose and assign treatment. The diagnostic procedure is most often based on the overall picture, as it is possible to determine the pyrogen granule visually. Difficulties may occur in an uncharacteristic course of the disease, when the granuloma is in unusual places or in running cases. In such a situation, histological examination is appointed. これは私の人生の歴史でもあります。私は本が大好きなのですが、本はとても高価で、どうやって買えばいいのかわからないこともあります。でも、このサイトでお金を稼ぐ方法を見つけました。 ボンズカジノ.net 。今では好きな本を好きなだけ買うことができます。私の趣味を維持する機会を与えてくれたこの素晴らしいサイトに感謝します。