Bruce N. Menkes


Downturns in industries, losses of key customers, or the need for reorganization in order to preserve operations or assets all can precipitate the need for creative and sophisticated legal counseling and advice. Mandell Menkes brings many years of hands-on experience in representing:


  • Commercial Debtors
  • Secured Creditors
  • Lessors
  • Vendors
  • Creditors’ Committees
  • Other Creditors

in reorganizing commercial operations, resolving commercial disputes over reconciliation or collection of accounts, and recovering or preserving assets or operations in commercial settings involving bankruptcy or other forms of reorganization and liquidation.


In litigation resulting from bankruptcy proceedings, we use our extensive experience to prosecute or defend claims effectively and efficiently. For our clients who may face operational challenges, our attorneys are skilled in fashioning creative solutions to preserve operations and ongoing value, or to liquidate strategically while optimizing value. Our attorneys are results-oriented in identifying the law and remedies that provide the optimal benefits. Our clients enjoy the benefit of our personalized analysis, aggressive strategy and focus on finding the right solution when dealing with economically distressed businesses.