Product Liability and Mass Tort Defense

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As primary counsel and as national or regional coordinating counsel, Mandell Menkes has substantial experience in the defense of product liability and tort claims involving personal injury and/or property damage. The firm’s trial attorneys have effectively defended suits throughout the United States, including mass tort class actions and multi-district litigation.


Our experience in product liability and mass tort cases encompasses a broad range of catastrophic losses. For example, we have been involved in petro-chemical, environmental and industrial claims, such as equipment and engineering failures, pressure vessel failures, explosions and toxic releases. We have also litigated product liability claims that involve asbestos, roofing, industrial and automotive products, lead paint, electrical components, latex, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals such as Halcion, Fen-Phen, DES, Benedictin, blood products and antibiotics, and agricultural products, such as Benlate and Nusan.


Mandell Menkes works closely with clients to develop strategy and identify and prepare potential witnesses to address the complex legal and policy issues that may arise. Our attorneys know that product liability litigation often has multi-jurisdictional implications, as well as potential impact on a broad range of clients’ products beyond the boundaries of a single case. Where necessary, the firm’s attorneys have actively worked with experts in various fields to develop the approach necessary to defend against unique concepts of liability advanced by the plaintiffs’ bar. Because these claims range from single plaintiff claims to mass tort litigation, we are dedicated to ensuring consistency and cost-effectiveness by developing the appropriate approach and level of staffing to each case. Mandell Menkes has developed substantial experience in computerized litigation support and the effective use of databases to deal with large-scale discovery or multiple cases involving similar products or a catastrophic event.