Mandell Menkes Helps Client Win Crucial Decision Before Medical Association Board

When a doctor came to Mandell Menkes for assistance, he was facing an uphill battle. The doctor was in the midst of a disciplinary proceeding before the professional organization of which he was a member. Representing himself in the initial hearing, the doctor lost on an ancillary but nonetheless important issue. The hearing panel voted to censure the doctor. Because of the nature of the doctor’s practice, a censure had career-threatening consequences. The doctor appealed the decision and lost again. Facing one last opportunity to reverse the censure, the doctor reached out to Mandell Menkes and the New York firm of Miller Korzenik Sommers. Mandell Menkes and Miller Korzenik worked together to develop a defense strategy for the doctor, and Steve Mandell argued the doctor’s case before the association’s board of directors. Less than a month later, the board announced that it was reversing the hearing panel and determined that the doctor should not be censured thereby preserving the doctor’s livelihood.