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Mandell Menkes is a boutique law firm dedicated to providing our clients the highest quality of legal services.  The firm represents sophisticated clients ranging from some of the country’s largest companies to internet startups.  Our knowledge and experience, together with our commitment to personal attention, produce the results that have been the hallmark of our success.

We seek out talented practitioners who have a track record of achievement in their respective fields of expertise.  Lawyers in the early stages of their careers often gain familiarity with the litigation process by reviewing documents, performing basic research and handling organizational tasks.  Unlike many larger firms, we do not staff matters with newly minted attorneys who may be talented but are typically not ready to make meaningful contributions in complex disputes.  While we appreciate this apprentice-like model has some benefits and brings value for both the inexperienced lawyer and the employing firm, the value proposition for clients is often not attractive.  Forward thinking firms are deploying software that processes large data sets for attorney review at a fraction of the prior cost.  At Mandell Menkes, you will interact with attorneys billing for their subject matter expertise, not their professional development. 

We appreciate that clients often seek legal advice for purposes of making decisions to resolve urgent challenges.  Our practitioners are adept at devising strategies and delivering exceptional work in time-pressured, demanding situations. Those efforts are often bolstered by the firm having established collaborative, long-term relationships with its clients. Mandell Menkes practitioners strive to develop an informed understanding of what our clients aim to accomplish before disputes arise.  Prospective clients should know that although the majority of our work is in litigation, we consciously organized our team to provide assistance to clients through the life of their work.

The speed and ease with which information can now be shared brings challenges that are unique to modern life.  Problems that would not have drawn public attention in the pre-digital era now have the potential to take on exaggerated weight and distract from the productive work that clients undertake.  Attorneys at Mandell Menkes help clients focus on their creative work while we handle the hazards that the proliferation of media may present.

In the course of responding to the COVID-19 crisis, courts and practitioners have become more nimble with remote means of communicating and sharing work product online.  MM practitioners became early adopters of these technologies after recognizing the benefits the firm stood to gain both in productivity and reduced administrative expense.  For clients interested in a portal that provides “real time” access to our work product and filings in their matters we are equipped to meet those needs.  We are committed to providing clients with a transparent view of the work we perform because we know the quality and timeliness of the work will bring them comfort.  Mandell Menkes attorneys are responsive when clients have questions but for basic inquiries about day-to-day developments clients accrue savings by having ready access to the firm’s work product.   

Innovative and creative solutions to complex legal issues

The finest technical expertise

Responsiveness and personal attention

Exceptional legal skill and experience

Efficient legal results on a timely basis



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