Bruce N. Menkes

Health Care

Mandell Menkes counsels leading organizations in every major sector of the health care industry on regulatory, business transaction and litigation matters. Among other participants in the industry, we have represented academic medical centers, community hospitals, managed care companies and physician practices.


Mandell Menkes has negotiated and documented a wide variety of transactions, including agreements between physician groups and hospitals, all kinds of managed care contracts, corporate governance and medical staff documents, employment agreements, shareholder and operating agreements, agreements for the merger and acquisition of practices and assets and billing service and consulting agreements. We have also organized and advised captive insurance companies and risk purchasing groups, which provide professional liability insurance to doctors and hospitals.


In health care litigation, Mandell Menkes has defended antitrust claims and debt collection and consumer fraud class actions against hospitals, litigated employment disputes with physicians and other medical professionals; appeared before regulatory agencies; enforced noncompetition covenants, handled disputes concerning privileges and due process rights, bankruptcy proceedings and defended malpractice claims.


On the regulatory front, we regularly assist healthcare providers in understanding federal and state regulatory requirements and positions, obtaining licenses and regulatory approvals, and in complying with fraud and abuse laws.